LaPlata County SAR: 2014-2015 Winter Training

  • Dec. 3, 10 & 17 – Transceiver practice 5pm-6pm at Riverview Elementary
  • Dec. 13 – Ice rescue near Eureka in SJ county
  • Jan 4 – Tri-county Snow/avalanche w/ SJ and Ouray counties, Tri-State Air Care, Molas Pass
  • Feb 7 – Open to general membership at DMR, probe lines, winter survival, Flight-for-Life
  • March 14 – LaPlata canyon motorized w/ Mancos VFD
  • Late Feb/early March TBD winter travel and patient packaging and transport at St. Paul Lodge

Marin County SAR Training Videos

The Marin County SAR has put together a series of 5 short (<10 minutes each) training video’s that are really good:

I didn’t know about the thread put into webbing to indicate wear/damage.  The videos where shot in 2010 and at that time they were using a break-bar rack for their mainline system.  We current use a Scarab.  They use a 540 (I’m sure they are better funded than we are 😉 )for their belay while we use tandem prussic’s.

Thanks to Duncan for pointing these out to me.