Personally owned SPOT units

During the search for the missing airplane near Buckles Lake we had several ground teams using SPOT units, some owned by USJSAR and some personally owned.   IMG was trying to use the data from them to keep track of ground teams and the areas which had been searched.  The problem they had is that they had to monitor multiple web pages, one for each SPOT account.  Determining where one ground team was in relation to another was difficult at best.

I looked into how this could be improved and couldn’t find any available software so, being a programmer in my paying job, I wrote some.  If you think you might someday carry your personally owned SPOT on a SAR mission, I’d like to get the information we would need to track you.  You’ll need to setup a Shared Page for your SPOT unit.  You’ve probably already done this so your friends/family can track you.  You can setup a new shared page, or I can use an existing one.  If you need help setting up a Shared page, let me know.   What I need is the string of characters at the end of the URL you see when viewing your shared page.  It will look something like this:


If the Shared page is password protected, I’ll need to know the password too.

Jim Bodoh

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