“Go Packs”

We’ve put together five identical “Go packs” that are now stored in the SAR truck.

Situations where you might want to use one of these packs:

  • Your skiing/boarding at Wolf Creek and get a page about someone lost or maybe an avalanche at Lobo.  You’re probably already dressed adequately, but your gear is at home in Pagosa Springs.
  • You are a new member, want to respond to what could be an overnight mission but don’t have overnight gear.
  • We want to bring someone along (maybe an outfitter who has detailed knowledge of the trails in an area) but they don’t have any gear with them.

Contents of each “Go Pack”:

  • Osprey Atmos 50 liter pack
  • 0 – degree sleeping bag inside pack
  • Thermarest Pad which can be attached to pack using already attached bungee cords
  • Bottom compartment: 1 MRE & plastic silverware, emergency Bivy Bag, 2 Heavy Duty trash bags
  • Top Compartment: leather gloves, headlamp & battery (note: battery has not been placed into headlamp)
  • Outside pocket: one 1 Liter Nalgene bottle
  • In the pack waist band pocket are 2 pair of surgical gloves

Before you leave the trail head with one of these packs you’ll need to fill the Nalgene bottle with water and grab some snack bars.

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